Since 1992, Financial Technologies has helped fulfill our clients’ PURPOSE, whether it be retirement planning, portfolio management, business operations, or strategy development.   Key consulting services we provide include:

We request that you supply certain financial, managerial, and business information to help us determine the enterprise value and recommended strategic choices.  If possible, we ask that on-site interviews be arranged with key personnel.  This allows us to gain insight into your company’s financial condition, performance and outlook.
Clients choose to work with us because of ability to draw from over decades of both academic and business experience to communicate with business owners while drawing from a solid financial background that enables us to communicate with both financial executives and accountants in their financial vernacular. We develop well written reports drawing from a diverse yet focused background in economics, accounting and finance that offer peace of mind to clients who can be confident that they receive sound value based planning and appraisals.  All reports signed by us are both accurate and well reasoned such that they can be defended where necessary against challenges by any opposing parties as well as regulatory and taxing authorities.